Weeknote 46: Across the Fediverse

  • The mass exodus from Twitter has resulted in over half a million new accounts being created across the Fediverse over the past week. At this point, whether Twitter lives or dies is irrelevant. Thanks to Elno’s shenanigans, Mastodon and friends have finally gained enough critical mass to become practical alternatives to Big Tech social media.
  • I’ve had a Mastodon account since 2019, but now I’m using it for realsies. Find me at @s3thi@mastodon.social!
  • I spent all my evenings last week generating weird pictures using DALL-E, MidJourney, and Stable Diffusion. Here are some of the images I generated, along with the prompts I used.
Prompt: Very detailed, photorealistic oil painting of a girl dressed in black standing outside a movie theater. It’s evening. The city is suffused with a soft yellow glow. You can see stars in the sky. It will be the last movie she ever watches.
Prompt: Harry Potter in Animal Crossing.
Prompt: Panel from a comic showing attractive boy with glasses overwhelmed by too much information on a computer screen.
  • I’m struggling with my daily routine. I’ve been trying to find a block of 60–90 minutes during the day when I can shut off all distractions and just write. In the past, I’ve reserved my mornings for this, but lately I’ve been waking up too groggy to do any kind of mental labor. I’m a zombie until I’ve had coffee and breakfast, and by the time I’m caffeinated and fed, it’s time to get ready and leave for work. It’s incredibly frustrating.
  • I have to grudgingly admit that, despite all its faults, Save the Cat has some useful advice. I’m writing down all the bits that are not smug, condescending, or straight up unethical so I never have to look at the book again.
  • Hades. Oh goodness. Despite how bad I am at this game, I keep going back for more. You see, even when you die in Hades, each run through the underworld rewards you with more of Zagreus’ story, new areas to visit, new characters, new weapons, weapon upgrades, stat upgrades, or simply new bits of dialog. There’s always a sense of forward progress, which is a problem because I can’t put the damn thing down.

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