Weeknote 47: Low-Key Dinner

  • I turned 32 on Thursday! I celebrated with a low-key dinner at Royal Afghan with my brother and a friend. We stuffed ourselves with dal bukhara and naan until we couldn’t walk anymore, and then we stuffed ourselves some more with phirni and paan and chocolate. It was a glorious evening.
  • I’m addicted to Marvel Snap. I don’t usually enjoy mobile games, but Snap’s short matches, simple rules, and emergent gameplay have me in their grips. I’ll have to uninstall this thing from my phone if I want to ever get any work done. Thankfully, the game has a PC version that’s not too bad.
  • When I was in middle school, my friend owned an all-in-one PC that ran Windows 95, a beautiful little machine that sort of looked like the original Mac (though I hadn’t seen any Apple computers at the time). We could never figure out what it was called, beyond the fact that it was made by a company called NEC. A recent Internet search revealed that it was a NEC PC9821 Cb, part of Nippon Electric’s PC-9800 series. Just look at how beautiful this thing is! I wish they still made them like this. Here’s a video of it booting into Windows 3.1.
NEC PC9821 Cb, a vintage all-in-one computer with an integrated monitor and tower.
Source: https://ameblo.jp/masa02293/
  • I’ve tried a number of writing apps over the last few months, and I’m not satisfied with any of them. iA Writer is only good for short pieces, Ulysses loses my data while syncing, Word still sports the cluttered, baroque UI it has had for the last three decades, and Scrivener hasn’t seen a new release in more than a year. What seems to be working for me at the moment is, surprisingly, Google Docs.
  • Does someone want to give me a million dollars so I can build an actually good writing app for essayists, bloggers, journalists, fiction writers, and anyone else who does creative writing? Please and thank you.
  • Everyone I know has read and enjoyed Crying in H Mart, but I just couldn’t get into it. They can’t all be zingers, right? I’m now reading Nirmal Verma’s परिंदे, which has already made me cry once today.
  • After some smaller Mastodon instances started blocking mastodon.social, some of my friends and I pooled our money and time together to start our own instance. You can now find me at @s3thi@fantastic.earth. Shout out to Abhinav for doing whatever he does with Nix to make it all work!

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