Hello there!

My name is Ankur Sethi. I live in Bangalore, where I lead the Web Engineering team at Uncommon. I love building software, producing electronic music, and occasionally writing lyrics to all the noise music I make.

While you’re here, you can read my blog, learn more about me, or look at some of my publicly accessible work. If you want to get in touch with me, you can write me an email at [email protected].


E-Commerce Case Study: Building Faster Listing Pages on abof.com (Part 1)

This case study was first published on the Alaris Prime blog on June 8, 2016. You can read the original case study here. abof.com (pronounced ae-boff dot com) is an online fashion store that’s part of Aditya Birla Group’s e-commerce strategy. Earlier this year, the company brought in the Alaris Prime team along with Ciju …

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, Week 2: Io

Designed by Steve Dekorte, Io is a small, embeddable programming language that borrows its prototype-based object model from Self, its purely object-oriented nature from Smalltalk, and its homoiconicity from Lisp (although, unlike Lisp, it doesn’t use s-expressions to represent programs). The language is such a mind-expanding experience that I have now spent way more than …

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, Week 1: Ruby

In an attempt to get back into programming language theory and implementation—a hobby I’ve neglected since I started working full-time—I recently started reading Bruce Tate’s Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. These are my notes and observations from my first week of study. In week 1, Bruce introduces Ruby, drawing attention to its dynamic nature, expressive …