Weeknote 45: Bizarro Alien Fungus

  • I said it on Twitter, and I will say it here again: I love my coffee frother more than I love my family.
  • I spent most of the week tinkering with the CSS on this here website, and I’m finally sort of happy with how it looks. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never stop working on it. We must imagine Sisyphus happy.
  • I started a new contract with Loop Health today. When I heard about what they’re building—and how they’re going about building it—I just had to sign on. I’m also excited about getting to work with my friends from Prophecy, who have already been helping Loop Health design and test new products for the last few months. I’m expecting to thoroughly enjoy myself.
  • Water has been slowly seeping into one of the walls in my office. Things were already pretty bad, with chunks of plaster chipping off it and covering everything with white dust. But now, a black mold has started to form on the wet spots. If you don’t hear back from me next week, assume that my respiratory system has been taken over by some bizarro alien fungus that lives in my wall.
  • If you’ve ever wondered why so many mainstream movies and TV shows seem to have the same story beats and character arcs, read Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat. It’s a cynical, peremptory handbook that teaches you how to quickly slap together well-worn story tropes to produce bland, inoffensive screenplays guaranteed to make a respectable amount of money at the box office before being forgotten even by the people who were in the movie. I wish I’d bought a physical copy of this book so I could repeatedly throw it across the room as I read it.
  • My brother played Unholy in the living room on the weekend, and now I can’t stop humming it 24/7. Somebody stop me.

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