Weeknote 42: The Morning After Diwali

  • This note is a day late because it was Diwali yesterday. I’m visiting my parents in Delhi, and worried sick about my cats back in Bangalore. My kingdom for a reliable catsitter.
  • Fireworks are banned in Delhi this year. As I write this note on the morning after Diwali, there’s no smoke in the air or spent bits of fireworks on the streets. The AQI is still at Very Poor, but nowhere close to what it used to be in years past. This might be the first post-Diwali morning since my childhood when I’m able to breathe deeply without having a coughing fit.
  • I want to start adding photos to these weeknotes. I’m not very good at using the camera on my phone yet, so please be kind. Here’s the first one, of an old type shop I came across in Jhandewalan.
A shuttered type & machinery store near Jhandenwalan in Delhi
  • Right after posting my last weeknote about feeling healthy again, I developed a high fever. As my body temperature peaked at 102.6°F, I dreamed that I was a manager at a software development sweatshop that produced WordPress plugins. My team members were the Belcher kids from Bob’s Burgers, who were not happy with how their lives had turned out.
  • Figma is such a lovely piece of software! I’ve used it in the past for collaborating with designers, putting together screenshots of designs I like, and a bit of wireframing—but nothing approaching any kind of Serious Design Work™. Since my fever had left me unable to work last week, I spent many hours watching people use the app to build and prototype UIs. The workflow reminded me of building websites using Adobe Fireworks when I was a teenager. I’ve been monkeying around with Figma since then, and it’s been very fun.
  • I may have purchased an iPad Pro on impulse. I blame the fever.

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