Weeknote 43: No News is Good News

  • I flew back from Delhi on Wednesday to find that winter had arrived in Bangalore while I was gone. Cold weather in the South might be milder than it is in the North, but I’ve lived down here long enough that even a pleasant 18°C sends me hunting for a hoodie and a cup of chai.
  • The cats, too, are feeling the chill. Every evening, they yowl at me until I get in bed and wrap myself in a blanket, at which point they curl up next to me and fall asleep. It’s a hard life, y’all.
  • My doctor has cut my nightly dose of antidepressants in half. Besides a bit of trouble sleeping, I don’t feel much of a difference in my moods so far. As they say, no news is good news.
  • My iPad Pro arrived on Friday. When attached to the Magic Keyboard, it doesn’t feel very different from a MacBook running macOS. All the apps I use on my Mac are also available on iPad, and they look and work pretty much the same. I can move between the two devices without having to reprogram how I work, which is convenient.
  • Where the iPad Pro really shines is taking notes with the Apple Pencil. I’ve been reading articles in Safari while I take handwritten notes in Notability running in a split off to the side. Since reading, writing, and taking notes is my primary use case for the iPad, I’m pleased with how well this setup works.
Screenshot of Safari and Notability running side-by-side on iPadOS. Safari is displaying a PDF file, while Notability is displaying the handwritten notes I took on the PDF.
  • After having so much fun with रेत समाधि, I’ve decided to read more of Geetanjali Shree’s fiction. I’m currently making my way through यहां हाथी रहते थे, her short story collection from 2012. The stories are often different in tone and subject matter from रेत समाधि, but they’re all written in that whimsical, meandering style that makes रेत समाधि such an enjoyable read.

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