Weeknote 41: There Might Have Been Karaoke

  • I finished reading रेत-समाधि. It was life-changing.
  • Thanks to my regimen of gentle exercise using Ring Fit Adventure, the drowsiness and fatigue I’d been feeling for so many months is all but gone. Nearly a full year after my brush with COVID, I’m finally starting to feel okay. Thanks again, Mario.
  • The nice man at the fruit store sold me a Thai guava on Monday, which is just an impractically large version of a regular guava. Almost as large as a melon, it occupied far too much space in my refrigerator and took me an entire week to eat. It was delicious, despite the bad UX.
  • I’ve doing an unhealthy amount of frivolous busywork at my computer. In the last two weeks, I’ve cleaned up my contact list, reorganized my notes, tagged all my bookmarks, tried three different notes app, tried a new calendar app, and watched tens of hours of automation videos on YouTube. None of this had an impact on any aspect of my life, yet I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen despite my best efforts.
  • I have a history of developing these odd, unhealthy obsessions ever so often. They’re mostly harmless, lasting for a few weeks before disappearing into whatever corner of my brain they sprung from. But sometimes they come at the cost of my health, hobbies, and work commitments. I don’t understand them, and so far I haven’t figured out a way to fight them.
  • After months of not drinking, I knocked back a few beers on Friday night. There might have been karaoke and dancing. Wild times.

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