Weeknote 40: A Job and Friends

  • It’s persimmon season! The ones that are in stores now are not great, but I have high hopes for the coming months.
  • After being sedentary for months, I’m trying to incorporate some gentle movement into my daily life—walking, household chores, and Ring Fit Adventure on the lowest difficulty. It’s not much, but it’s already had a positive impact on my concentration, energy levels, and mood. I’m starting to think that my health issues over the past few months were only partly caused by COVID; the larger contributing factor was my terrible lifestyle.
  • I’ve had an iPhone 13 Pro Max for a year, but I’ve barely used the excellent camera that it comes with. I’ve now set myself a new goal of taking at least one picture I’m proud of each day. I’ve discovered that I enjoy taking photos, but I get embarrassed and self-conscious when I take them in public places. If I stop to photograph something in public, I can’t help but feel that I’m being a nuisance. I’m afraid that somebody will come yell at me any second, shooing me away. Am I being overly paranoid or is this something every new photographer deals with?
  • I have once again been peer-pressured into using social media. I’m forced to be on Twitter because that’s where the frontend web community hangs out, and on Instagram because my generation likes to use it as a messaging platform. Contrary to popular belief, I enjoy having a job and friends, so I’ve sucked it up and installed both apps on my phone. Cue shrug emoji.
  • As I make my way through रेत समाधि, I’m building up an Anki deck containing Hindustani words that I’m unfamiliar with. It’s a slow, laborious process, but I haven’t found any other method of effectively learning new words. I plan to make the deck public when I have a substantial number of cards in it.
  • I love how Sara Soueidan plans her days.

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