Weeknote 39: Personal Productivity Snake Oil

  • I’ll keep this short because I’m still tired from my outing yesterday.
  • Dad came to visit this weekend. He enjoys gardening, so we went to Krishnendra Nursery and Indo-American Hybrid Seeds on Sunday. If you love plants, both these places come highly recommended.
  • In Dad’s opinion, the nurseries in Bangalore carry a wider variety of plants compared to Delhi. Their quality is better, too. He wanted to take quite a few back home for his rooftop garden, but we couldn’t find a good way of transporting them two thousand kilometers north without destroying them in transit.
  • Here are some fun new words for you: in Hindi, anxiety is called दुश्चिंता, depression is called अवसाद, and bipolar disorder is called द्विध्रुवी विकार. Now you know.
  • I fell down a familiar rabbit hole this week: watching videos about task management, time management, note-taking, quick capture systems, and apps that enable each of these functions. I hate the part of me that’s so easily taken in by this personal productivity snake oil, but I’m still unable to restrain myself.
  • I moved all my email to iCloud+ as an experiment. Pray for me, because this thing does not inspire confidence.

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