Week of 20 September, 2021

  • I’m typing this post from my Arch Linux desktop PC running i3. In the past I’ve been skeptical of Linux DEs that stray too far from stock GNOME or KDE, but I’ve discovered I enjoy i3’s minimalist approach a great deal. My next laptop may very well be a ThinkPad running the same setup.
  • I haven’t been feeling up to writing lately. Being isolated from people for so long has taken a toll on my ability to think clearly. Compared to the Before Times, everything seems to take me twice as long to do — from work to video games to writing these weeknotes.
  • It’s okay, though. I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere.
  • Dating is pain, in real life as well as Stardew Valley. How am I supposed to marry Emily when she won’t even talk to me?! Heck.
  • I’m tentatively back on social media after more than a year of hiatus. To protect my mental health, I’m liberally using the block, mute, and filter features so I can keep toxic people and divisive politics out of my timeline. All I really want from social media is memes, pictures of cute animals, and the occasional discussion about programming.
  • Rust in Action is a lovely book, covering several different aspects of low-level systems programming using Rust. I’m having a complete blast with it! Highly recommended if you’re into Rust or systems programming.


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