Weeknote 34: Family-Sized Papaya

  • Life advice: if the product is called “family-sized papaya”, it might be a bit too large for you to consume by yourself.
  • A mysterious illness forced me to be housebound for the entire week. I perpetually felt like I was on the cusp of coming down with a terrible fever, but despite the exhaustion and body ache, my temperature refused to stray from 98.6F. If it had gone up by a single degree, I could have taken my rotting carcass to a doctor; if the body aches had disappeared, I could have gone about squandering my life as usual. But nothing happened, and all I could do was stay home and rest until I felt better.
  • What eats at me in times of illness, more than whatever affliction might be plaguing me at the time, is that feeling of soul-deep dissatisfaction brought on by my inability to do productive work. I need lessons in how to be properly sick without losing my mind.
  • Thanks to Weightless Books, my Kindle now holds the latest issues of Uncanny, Apex, Nightmare, and Lightspeed magazines. This is the first time I’m reading a fiction magazine, so I’m excited to dig in!
  • I received an invite to try out Arc, a new Chromium-based browser by The Browser Company. When I installed it, I expected to see yet another Chromium clone with a few extra features bolted on. Instead, the UI I was greeted with made me question the fundamental design choices mainstream browsers have made over the last two decades. I’m already finding it hard to go back to Firefox, Edge, or Safari without feeling irritated by their UIs, which are entirely antithetical to how humans use the Web in 2022.


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