Week of 29 November, 2021

  • I’m 31 years old this month. It might be a odd thing to say, but I really enjoy getting older. As I age, I find the the anxieties and hang-ups of youth falling away, making life richer and more enjoyable.
  • I was looking forward to spending this weekend catching up with Advent of Code problems. Instead, I was in bed with food poisoning from some bad chicken curry I ate. All I managed to accomplish was listening to old episodes of Conan O’Brian Needs a Friend, which isn’t the worst way to spend a weekend. This episode with J.B. Smoove made me snort with laughter more than once.
  • The ThinkPad X1 Carbon I mentioned in my last post was delivered at the end of November. It runs Fedora flawlessly and sports the best keyboard I’ve ever used on a laptop. It’s also significantly lighter than my 2018 MacBook Pro while having twice the RAM, a faster SSD, better processor, and longer battery life. My only real beef with this computer is the Intel processor inside it, which puts a ceiling on the performance and battery life it can deliver compared to the newer M1 MacBooks. Guess you can’t have it all.
  • Talking of computers, my iPhone 7 Plus gave up its ghost after five years of service. I’ve replaced it with a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, which feels more like a camera that happens to have a built-in phone than the other way round. I can’t wait to take some photos with this thing once I’m healthy enough to go outside.
  • I’m finally tapering off my anxiety medication! I don’t feel any radical changes yet, though I’ve certainly been feeling a bit more emotional than I usually do. Or maybe it’s all in my head? Tune in again next week to find out.
  • Dating is hard, news at eleven.


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