Mobile Tweaks and Chrome Extension

I just made some changes to my website’s CSS to make it more readable on small screens. I’m not completely happy with how it looks—the header looks jarringly out of place and code samples are all messed up—but at least now you don’t have to play with your browser’s zoom settings to be able to read the text properly. Baby steps.

I also wrote a little Chrome extension for adding bookmarks to my homegrown bookmarks manager. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to extend Chrome. The APIs are well-designed and well-documented, and a number of examples are available from Google’s developer website. I can see myself writing more extensions for Chrome in the future.

My bookmarks extension is nothing to write home about. It consists of the mandatory manifest.json file, four or five lines of JavaScript that open a new tab when a toolbar button is clicked, and a terrible icon I quickly designed in Photoshop. The code is on GitHub so that my friends and family can laugh at my terrible Photoshop skills.


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