I played Fire Emblem: Three Houses

After over 70 hours of gameplay spread across three months, I finally finished the Blue Lions route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses last Saturday. This was my third attempt at playing this game.

I had to quit playing the first two times because the hundreds of options the game offers for customizing character builds made me feel overwhelmed and anxious. Modern JRPGs have become surprisingly complex, although most of them last 60–100 hours (or more) so I suppose they give you plenty of time to get used to all the complexity.

Towards the end of Three Houses I discovered that it supports same-sex marriage. I wasn’t expecting this from a JRPG—least of all one published by Nintendo—so it was quite a pleasant surprise!

In a few months I want to go back and finish the remaining three routes the game offers, but for now I’m taking a break from all the political turmoil and gray morality of Fodlan to play something on my other consoles.

Over the weekend I started a playthrough of Golden Sun on the GBA. After months of thinking about the best combination of stats for a large cast of characters, it feels good to go back to a simpler era.


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