I enjoy speaking about programming and technology. This page lists some of my recent talks, with links to code, slides, and videos.

If you’d like me to speak at a meetup or conference, get in touch!

Build a GUI Application With Rust and Druid

A 45 minute hands-on talk where I demonstrate how to build a GUI application using Rust and the Druid GUI library.

Organized by Rust Bangalore and hosted by Obvious.


Build a Simple Data Grid With Angular 2

A 20 minute hands-on talk where I demonstrate how to build a simple data grid component that can handle tens of thousands of rows of data without breaking a sweat.

Organized by Angular-Bangalore.


Optimizing Browser Performance

This talk was an overview of how me and my colleagues at Alaris Prime helped optimize page load performance on Aditya Birla’s I spoke about some of the major factors that affect time to first paint for a web page, and included a hands-on demonstration of how to use Chrome Developer Tools to discover performance problems.

Organized and hosted by the good folks at in Goa.

React in Depth for JavaScript Developers

In this hands-on workshop, I walked the participants through building a SoundCloud client using React. The workshop was targeted towards experienced developers, so I didn’t spend much time on the basics of the library. Instead, we jumped straight into writing code.

Organized by Alaris Prime and hosted by Jaaga.


Web Performance Case Study: The Making of

A talk about how me and me colleagues at Alaris Prime rebuilt Aditya Birla’s from scratch as an isomorphic React application, getting the page load time on 3G connections down from 20s to less than 3s.

Hosted and organized by HasGeek as part of JSFoo 2016.



Build a Sampler With Angular, WebAudio, and WebMIDI

A demo and code walkthrough of a sampler I built using Angular 2, WebAudio, and WebMIDI.

Organized by Angular-Bangalore.

Blog post/build-a-sampler-with-angular-2-webaudio-and-webmidi-lesson-1-introduction-to-the-webaudio-api/


ECMAScript 6 – a tour

A quick tour of some of the new features in ECMAScript 6.

Organized by BangaloreJS.