Scripting tmux

tmux ranks highly on the list of programs that I cannot live without. I consider its split-screen and terminal multiplexing capabilities absolutely essential for day-to-day hacking. It belongs to that rare breed of software that has measurably improved my development productivity, software that makes me genuinely happy. This is what my tmux pane layout usually […]

A Django Admin Wishlist

It is okay to skim this post and only read the parts that you find interesting. When I was just learning how to use Django, I dismissed django.contrib.admin (“the admin” from now on) as a nice-to-have extra, a marginally useful demo of framework functionality, but not much more. I didn’t even enable it for most […]

Cache all the Things!

Yesterday night I installed memcached on the server that runs and hooked it up to Django’s caching framework. Since then, page load times are significantly lower and so is the server load. This little machine is now ready to handle whatever the Internet throws at it. According to the Chrome developer tools, the slowest […]

A Whole New Can of Beans

I’m envious of people who have consistently posted to their blogs for years. I, too, have blogged semi-regularly over the years, but I’ve never managed to stick to a single blog for long. All I remember about my first blog is that it was mostly a link dump, but I do remember my second one. […]