India is No Longer India

Aatish Taseer writes: By the time I was an adult, the urban elites and the “heart of the nation” had lost the means to communicate. The elites lived in a state of gated comfort, oblivious to the hard realities of Indian life—poverty and unemployment, of course, but also urban ruin and environmental degradation. The schools […]

Fire and Ice

This is a flame graph: Turn it upside down, and you get an icicle graph: This means the flame graph view in the Firefox and Chrome profilers is actually an icicle graph view. Who knew? I learned this tidbit of trivia when I was trying to figure out whether it’s practical to implement a flame […]

The Secret Life of Cows TIL that you can use Rust’s Cow for representing a type that can either be borrowed or owned. This can be useful when you want to, for example, return either a static string (&’static str) or a dynamically generated owned string (String) from a function.


Years ago, when going outside was legal and I still believed in Pitchfork scores, I started a music blog with a couple of friends. We eventually shut it down because reasons, but thankfully The Wayback Machine managed to capture a few snapshots. Here it is in all its glory, minus the CSS and media.


CloudFlare recently informed me that this website was getting thousands of hits every day, which is an unusual occurrence. I pulled up Google Analytics to figure out where all that traffic was coming from, only to be informed that I was getting three to four hundred daily visitors at most. This felt a bit suspicious, […]